San Francisco Shock

“The seismograph waves and the name evoke the region’s earthquake activity, while its gold colour hearkens back to San Francisco’s origins in the California gold rush of the 1800s.”

San Francisco Shock represent San Fran in The Overwatch League. The franchise is owned by Andy Miller, Chairman and Founder of NRG Esports.

The Shock play in orange and gold with an eclectic roster including some big-name players within the Overwatch community.


DPS – babybay 

Andrej “babybay” Francisty is an American DPS player for the San Francisco Shock. He joined The Overwatch League from North American side, Kungarna where a couple of Los Angeles Gladiators players now play. He is a flexible DPS player who can run Tracer, Genji and off-tank heroes.

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DPS – Danteh

Dante “Danteh” Cruz is an American DPS player. He joined the San Francisco Shock from Arc 6 after a past in Minecraft PvP. He’s a flexible DPS player who can run Genji, Tracer and Sombra as well as projectile heroes like Pharah.

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DPS – iddqd

André “iddqd” Dahlström is a Swedish DPS player for the San Francisco Shock. He was one of a number of Overwatch League players to join from NRG Esports and specialises in McCree and Soldier 76.

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DPS – Nevix

Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson is a Swedish DPS player. He joined San Francisco Shock and The Overwatch League from Cloud9 EU but has played for a number of teams during his time in competitive Overwatch. He’s a flexible player who can run Genji and Tracer as well as Ana and some off-tanks.

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Tank – nomy

David “nomy” Ramirez is a Mexican tank player for San Francisco Shock. He joined The Overwatch League from Immortals and plays Winston and Reinhardt.

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Support – dhaK

Daniel “dhaK” Martínez is a Spanish player. He joined The Overwatch League from Selfless Gaming and was a part of the 2017 Spanish team which failed to make the Overwatch World Cup finals. He is the San Francisco Shock’s a Lucio main.

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Support – sleepy

Nikola “sleepy” Andrews is an American support player. He joined San Francisco Shock and The Overwatch League from Tempo Storm and is the side’s ranged support player, specialising in Zenyatta and Ana.

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INACTIVE: sinatraa

Jay “sinatraa” Won is an American DPS player who has signed for San Francisco Shock. He will be eligible to play in The Overwatch League on 18 March 2018.

sinatraa is one of the best-known players in North American Overwatch. He is regularly ranked amongst the best Tracer players in the world and his sizeable salary has been discussed publically.

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Matthew “super” DeLisi is an American flex player who has signed with San Francisco Shock. Like sinatraa, he is ineligible to play until his 18th birthday on 28 March 2018.

super is a flexible player who can run off-tanks like Zarya, Roadhog and D.Va as well as offensive characters like Tracer and Soldier 76.

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Owner – Andy Miller

Andy Miller is the CEO of NRG Esports and owns the rights to the franchise.

President – Brett Lautenbach

Brett Lautenbach is the president of both the San Francisco Shock and NRG Esports.

Manager – Zwei

Andrew “Zwei” Baker is the American manager of San Francisco Shock.

Head Coach – Brad

Brad Rajani is the American former-owner of Selfless Gaming and the current head coach of San Francisco Shock in The Overwatch League.

Coach – LegitRc

Dillain “LegitRc” Odeneal is an American former player and the current coach of San Francisco Shock.