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Report & VOD: Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws


It was the first Texas Derby of the OWL proper as Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws faced off on Junkertown. It’s a map which Fuel has had considerable success on thus far, defeating Seoul Dynasty in their first round of the season.

The Fuel was up first and with no Taimou in the starting lineup, had Mickie on Roadhog and Chipshaejen on Bastion. They went with a double-sniper to try and support the pirate ship but they just couldn’t get going. Jake’s Junkrat and Rawkus’ Roadhog just wouldn’t let them get set up. It took Dallas well over two minutes to get going but even once they did, Houston hit back. They retook the point and held on to secure a rare Point A hold on Junkertown.

Houston only had to reach the first point to secure the map which they did with ease. The pirate ship came out and they just created numerous areas of damage which made life difficult for Dallas. Outlaws built ultimates, got kills and just pushed on through.

Horizon Lunar Colony

We’ve seen Houston put on a fine defence on this map before and it came out once again. Dallas grabbed Point A with time but just couldn’t get anywhere near Point B. Jake just controlled every offensive area on Junkrat as Dallas failed to take a single tick on B.

The momentum was with Houston and that only continued on the attack. They went with the flanking Sombra approach but didn’t even need EMP once Linkzr started popping heads with Widowmaker. Houston took it with ease before pushing onto B. Fuel didn’t even have time to set up as Outlaws snowballed their opponents to take that crucial first tick and the map.


We saw a clash of styles on Oasis University. Houston ran a classic dive against the Orisa/Roadhog put out by Dallas Fuel. Fuel initially took the point but Outlaws just hit back hard. Jake’s Dragonblades grabbed the eye but Linkzr’s Tracer and Rawkus’ Zenyatta worked incredibly well as Outlaws took the 1-0 lead.

Dallas looked like a beaten side as it went to City Centre. It was a case of more of the same as Jake, Linkzr and Rawkus just reeked havoc on their opponents. Big players like Effect, Mickie and Cocco looked completely bereft of ideas as Outlaws took the match win.


Taimou came in for Dallas and instantly showed what they were missing. He started on McCree and took half of the Houston team singlehandedly as they grabbed Point A.

Things got infinitely more difficult for Fuel on the streets phase. Outlaws controlled the high ground and just did an excellent job to shut down their opponents’ DPS players. Effect was quickly swatted away on Tracer and they just refused to sit in any of the sight lines available to Taimou’s Widowmaker as Houston held midway through streets.

Houston patiently pushed through on their attack round. They waited and built up ultimates to grab Point A before moving onto streets. Outlaws only had to get halfway through the map to take this unlikely 4-0 win which they did with time to spare.

MVP – Rawkus. As impressive as Jake and Linkzr were, Rawkus performed so well on so many different heroes.

Full VOD:

Watch Stage 1 Week 2 Day 2 | Dallas Fuel vs. Houston Outlaws from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

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