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Report: Shanghai Dragons vs Boston Uprising

This match was a step into the unknown for many as Shanghai Dragons took on Boston Uprising.

Map 1 – Junkertown

The Junkertown pirate ship seems to have evolved in the last couple of days with the addition of snipers. Shanghai proved that as they lined up with Diya on Widowmaker to support the cart. Again, the Bastion on the cart strategy could not be stopped on this map as they found their way inside the factory with ease. Uprising managed to slow things down to a crawl and some excellent work stopped their opponents just short of Point 3.

Uprising went up next on attack and put in their most convincing round to date. They elected for a Baston/Orisa comp with both Widowmaker and Hanzo and it worked incredibly well. They reached Point 2 with almost six minutes on the clock and secured the win with minimal effort.

Map 2 – Horizon Lunar Colony

We see examples of great and terrible defences in this map with Boston Uprising on the wrong end of both. They folded on their defence of Point A but did well to survive on B with a long time in the bank. Striker did some strong work to help make the Boston defence look comfortable. Eventually, Shanghai battered down the door and took Point B in overtime.

On defence, Dragons went full cheese. Orisa, Torbjorn and Junkrat were all on display for the Chinese side and Boston just couldn’t find the solution, running out of time with just a solitary click to their name.


Map 3 – Ilios

Substitutes came in for both sides with Lighthouse the first round in map 3. Dreamkazper put in a lot of damage for Boston early on but some support ultimate usage led to a flip which could not be overturned.

Uprising hit back on Ruins. Dreamkazper dominated the map with Widowmaker which allowed space for Mistakes and Gamsu to run wild.

Boston again ran the Phar-Mercy comp with Lucio on Well and again, they looked far less effective. Dragons took hold of the point and once Diya started popping heads with McCree, they didn’t look like losing it all the way to the end.

Map 4 – Numbani

Shanghai were first up on Numbani with both sides running similar team comps for this point. Their attacks were far from fluid with Boston managing to get just enough picks to prevent a final push. When that push did eventually come in, Snow landed an excellent clutch sleep dart with Ana on Roshan’s Primal Rage to prevent the stall from coming in.

Boston’s excellent defence meant they only need a little over 90% on Point A to take this match to a fifth map and they dove in fast and hard.

Striker moved in hard with Tracer and took out his Shanghai counterpart. Boston moved straight to the point and just controlled the map space from there on out, securing the win with three minutes to spare.

Map 5 – Lijiang Tower

Night Market was first up in this crucial clash and Boston started off with an unusual comp. Zarya, Reinhardt, Junkrat and Ana for Uprising and it took two quickfire defeats before switching up. They stuck with the tanks and used both Graviton Surge and Earthshatter to retake the point. However, Shanghai came back in and retook with ease against an ult-less Uprising.

Boston switched back to dive on Garden but Shanghai were in fine form in the early stages. The Dragons must have thought they had won the map but a last gasp dive from Gamsu on Winston forced overtime and Uprising pushed from there. Striker did some incredible work on Tracer before Dreamkazper came in with the Dragonblade to clean up Shanghai and secure round 2 win.

Uprising again went for the shield-laden comp in Control Centre but with some alterations. Reinhardt and Zarya came in as expected but Dreamkazper flexed onto D.Va with Striker running a Reaper alongside Lucio and Moira as the two support picks.

They lost the first fight after some great work from Diya on Tracer but Striker switched off to McCree and that’s when Boston came back into it. Neko put in some unbelievable healing with Moira and Shanghai just didn’t adapt to this team comp as Uprising took the final round and the match.

Player of the Match – Striker

It was a toss-up between him and Dreamkazper but Striker takes it by a touch. His Tracer was incredible for the vast majority of this match but he put in some great work as McCree on that final round.

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