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Report: Seoul Dynasty v New York Excelsior

It was an all-Korean clash as Seoul Dynasty took on New York Excelsior in the final match of preseason.

Map 1 – Junkertown

Seoul Dynasty’s star man, ryujehong is always a hugely popular Overwatch player but things were picked up a level when he started this match on attack with Mei. He perfectly used the walls to cut off healing as Seoul sped through the first point and street phases.

Dynasty slowed down in the factory as so many teams have done on the final stretch of this map in the last few days. NYXL shut down their opponents’ push with some incredible work from Pine on the Widowmaker to halt Seoul just short of the goal.

Dynasty started with an unusually offensive lineup, running a Phar-Mercy and Sombra comp which fell quite quickly.

NYXL were an unstoppable force moving through the streets phase and past Point B. Pine just kept popping heads as Widowmaker which opened space for Saebyeolbe to run wild on Tracer. Meko also did some great work on Roadhog on the final push as NYXL secured the first map.

Map 2 – Horizon Lunar Colony

The subs came in for Seoul Dynasty as they dipped into that remarkable roster and started with an interesting comp on Horizon Lunar Colony.

Ryujehong started on Moira with tobi on Lucio. NYXL just couldn’t deal with the speed-boosted healing blob which came towards them as Seoul steamrolled onto Point A to cap before moving straight onto B to get both points with well over six minutes remaining.

Excelsior responded with an aggressive first push of their own and managed to capture Point A almost instantaneously. NYXL attempted to repeat the feats of their opponents and moved straight onto B to grab two early ticks. Dynasty responded and pushed them off the point before some excellent defence wound down the clock to tie the match up at 1-1.

Map 3 – Ilios

Some subs came in for Seoul with Munchkin getting his first runout in the match. Ruins was first up and Fleta fancied himself in the impending one on one with Pine. The Seoul man definitely got the better of him (and just about everyone else) as Dynasty took round one.

On Well, things were a little different. Fleta and Libero took to the skies but the NYXL man was on top. It afforded space for Saebyeolbe to run wild as Tracer on the ground, helping New York to a hard-fought round win.

Dynasty hit back hard on Lighthouse, again running the Pharah comp but to far more success. Fleta performed well in what was a scrappy round but Seoul took round and map 3.

Map 4 – Numbani

Seoul went up first on attack on Map 4 and showcased more of that unstoppable speedy offence. Some great work from Bunny on the flanking Tracer to negate the high ground overlooking the point. It opened up space for Fleta to put in a lot of damage with soldier 76 and allow a swift Point A capture.

Dynasty stormed through the streets and some wonderfull-timed ultimates gave them more than five minutes on the home stretch. Eventually, Seoul won the war of attrition and a D.Va bomb double kill from Zunba led to a comfortable Point C capture.

Seoul set up on defence with the Torbjorn/Ana comp on Point A and put in some incredible work. Ryujehong built up a lot of ultimates and put in some perfectly-timed Nano Boosts onto Miro’s Winston to stop NYXL in their tracks. Jehong and Fleta took almost all of the Excelsior’s team in overtime to secure a hugely impressive Point A hold.

Player of the Match – Fleta

This could have been any member of the Seoul Dynasty team but Fleta was just a step above everyone else in the game. His Soldier 76 was remarkable on Map 4 and he created a whole new highlights montage with his Widowmaker.

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