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[Report] Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws – Promising First Glimpse At Philly


Philadelphia Fusion was very much the unknown factor going into this match. The only team not to play in the preseason was first up on the attack and if it was anything to go by, they’ll be a threat to anyone in this league.

Carpe and Shadowburn are obviously well known for their Tracer and Genji play respectively but it was the tank lineup which really shone. Poko’s D.Va was a menace as they completed the map with time to spare.

Houston looked a little shocked by the speed at which Fusion moved through them and set out on their own, slightly less convincing attack run. Muma and coolmatt put in a good run but LiNkzR and JAKE just couldn’t find the frags on DPS as they failed to complete Dorado and lost the first map.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Philly went up first on attack and it looked like it could turn into another high scoring 2CP map when they grabbed Point A quickly. However, some smart switches from Houston and much-improved DPS play form JAKE and LiNkzR turned it around and prevent the full cap.

Outlaws went for the Sombra setup attack with Rawkus looking to farm EMP as quickly as possible. However, he got cut off from his team but still used his ult to almost solo kill half of the Philly defence to capture Point A. Houston just rolled on through and patiently waited for the best time to strike and even things up.


Both teams took to the skies in round three with JAKE and Shadowburn facing off in a Pharah battle. Fusion absolutely dominated the first point. Outlaws just couldn’t get anywhere near Shadowburn in the sky but he was just one of the concerns with Carpe dominating on Tracer on the ground.

They grabbed round 1 100-0 and the second round was only a little better for Houston. It was very much the same story in the next round as Fusion’s DPS duo proved just too much for their opponents as they grabbed a 2-0 win.


Philly was first up on the attack and really showed their adaptability. They started off with Fragi on the Reinhardt but after taking a quick look at Houston’s setup realised that it wouldn’t work before switching onto a classic dive and taking Point A with ease.

Fusion steamed through streets with ease and it wasn’t until they were inside the castle before Houston put up any form of defence. Philly looked like they had completed the map with time to spare but some excellent stalling from Outlaws meant that they had to wait until overtime to complete it.

Houston’s turn to attack went very much the same way as their opponents’. They steamed through Point A and streets but unlike their opponents, Philadelphia couldn’t slow things down when inside the castle. Houston could not be stopped and completed the map with three minutes to spare, giving them an excellent chance to take this to a fifth map which they took with ease.

Lijiang Tower

Night Market was up first and we saw some interesting comps brought out by both teams. Fusion went with the triple tank while Outlaws went double with a Junkrat and Rawkus on Moira.

Outlaws even brought in Spree to play Zarya but it’s a plan which backfired as Fragi and Shawdowburn really dominated the round. They built their ults up incredibly quickly and Outlaws couldn’t deal with the barrage of damage from different angles as Philly made it 1-0 in the decider.

Tower was up next and both sides moved onto dive. Spree didn’t look quite as comfortable on the D.Va as Coolmatt which certainly played into Fusion’s favour as they comfortably took the decider.

MVP – Shadowburn. Poko would’ve grabbed the award but for Shadowburn’s incredible performance in the deciding round. He shone as Zarya before moving back onto his familiar Genji where he cleaned up. Credit must also be given to the rest of this impressive Philadelphia Fusion team.


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