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Report: New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws


Junkertown was up first in this hotly-anticipated match. NYXL went up first on attack and after pondering a Bastion on the cart went for a classic dive with considerable success. They surpassed Points A & B but stalled heading onto C. The damage put down by JAKE became too much to handle for NYXL but they completed the map in overtime.

Houston went for a double sniper approach on attack and both JAKE and LiNkzR put down a lot of damage for the Outlaws. Neither of the two played particularly well earlier in the week but really stepped it up as Houston completed Junkertown with more than enough time to take the lead.

Temple of Anubis

NYXL went up first on attack and really went for it early on. Saebyeolbe on Tracer and Libero on Genji just cut through the Houston defence as they took Point A in a little over a minute. Onto Point B and Excelsior just couldn’t get the snowball they were looking for. Unnecessary frags kept coming in but once they were set and had built up ultimates, they pounced on some poor positioning from the Outlaws defence to take it.

Moving in with an attack of their own, Outlaws went for a slower push which undoubtedly found some success. They grabbed Point A with time to spare but much like their opponents, went through some unwanted frags. Saebyeolbe ran rampage in the Outlaws’ backline but they had time for a decisive push late on. The stall tactics came out for NYXL but Mano’s Mei actually found some important eliminations as they held to take the win.


Janus and Pine came in for NYXL with fans eager to see the latter in action. The pressure was on him to perform and it’s fair to say he lived up to it, taking four finishing blows in the opening team fight.

Houston hit back. LiNkzR put in a fine performance of his own as the clock just kept on ticking by. Houston had a one player advantage but with Pine still in play, anything is possible. The DPS star singlehandedly dismantled the Houstons team as they took the first round.

The battle with LiNkzR took an even more exciting turn on Ruins as they swapped McCree for Widowmaker. The two exchanged headshots for seemingly the entire round but Saebyeolbe, Janus and Meko just dove the Houston team far more efficiently as they saw out the round to take the map.


Despite that incredible duel, Pine and LiNkzR were both subbed out for Numbani as NYXL started on attack. They took Point A at a breeze and progressed through streets with incredible speed.

Houston made the unusual approach of setting up for a defence inside the room overlooking Point C. NYXL just came in with Jjonak’s Transcendence and swept through them to take the point.

Houston started their attack with similar speed. JAKE did some good work on Pharah as they grabbed Point a and moved through streets at speed. NYXE slowed things down on streets and ground their opponents to a halt just shy of Point B. A dogged defence and smart ultimate usage helped them take the map and the match.

MVP – Saebyeolbe. Pine and Libero shone on DPS and Meko did well on D.Va but Saebyeolbe was outstanding for so much of this match. His Tracer was a constant source of irritation to Houston particularly on Temple of Anubis and Ilios.

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