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Report: Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel


Junkertown was up first and we saw a very memorable map between these two teams. Valiant was up first with their version of the pirate ship and finished with a little over a minute on the clock, an excellent score but Dallas topped it with over three spare minutes.

The map only got more shocking after that. Valiant proceeded to push the cart the entire way in overtime before Dallas did exactly the same. LA went up first with the score at 6-6 and took it past Point A and through Point B before eventually calling things to a halt. Dallas knew what they had to do and after a promising start looked ready to do it. However, after rounding the corner on streets, Mickie died on the point and overtime expired almost immediately as Valiant took it 8-7.

Horizon Lunar Colony

For those looking for a simple, straightforward game after that first map then they should look elsewhere. This was another high-scoring map with both teams going for very different approaches. Valiant went for a classic dive whereas Dallas utilised a quadruple tank with a Moira/Lucio.

Both proved effective as they exchanged two-point capture turns, eventually finishing with five points each and taking the draw.


Seagull and xQx came in for Dallas Fuel on Ilios with the former running the Pharah on Lighthouse. Silkthread met him in the skies but the map was won on the ground. LA Valiant’s tanks just did more work as they grabbed Round One.

Ruins was up next and, as always, we saw some Widowmaker duels. It was SoOn against Effect for most of the match and while Effect seemed to come out on top, Valiant grabbed the round to make it 2-0.


With the match result already decided, Dallas Fuel was playing for map difference and pride but they didn’t get either. LA Valiant just looked a few steps ahead of their opponents on attack as they completed the map with time to spare. Nothing Dallas – and especially Taimou – tried seemed to work on defence and it was a similar story on offence as they were shut out by their opponents on Point A.

MVP – Envy. As brilliant as SoOn and Silkthread were, it was LA Valiant’s tank duo which won this match. Fate and Envy were both incredible but the latter just pipped it.

Watch Stage 1 Week 1 Day 3 | Los Angeles Valiant vs. Dallas Fuel from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

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