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Report & Full VOD: London Spitfire vs San Francisco Shock

It was the first match of round two of preseason as London Spitfire took on San Francisco Shock.

Map 1 Dorado

San Francisco Shock were first up on attack, again lining up with babybay on Widowmaker. Without an opposition counterpart, he had free rein for much of the first point and streets phases. The push slowed on the home stretch as some good work from birdring, Fury and Fissure did some good work in Shock’s backline to stop the cart just short of its goal.

Spitfire got their aggressive attack underway with great speed, taking Point A very quickly. Shock tried to again run babybay on Widowmaker but great work from Fissure and birdring stopped him from getting anywhere close to getting a shot, allowing Rascal to tear things up on Genji and take Dorado.

Map 2 – Temple of Anubis

We did get a Widowmaker battle on round one as birdring faced off against babybay. It was a hugely one-sided affair thanks to an Orisa shield. Enough was eventually enough for babybay as he switched to Genji and grabbed Point A.

Some fascinating counter-picking went on on Point B but eventually, Shock ground down their opponents to take in overtime.

Spitfire put in a wonderful display on their attack, taking both points with time to spare before utilising a fascinating strategy in overtime to take the point. Rascal switched to the Sombra and grouped up with a number of his teammates around the hacked mega health pack on the high ground. Most of Shock walked right into the trap, got hit by the EMP and spitfire finished them off before strolling onto the point to win the map.

Map 3 – Oasis

The gap between the two teams started to show on Map 3. Sloppy engagements and poor ult usage were the biggest themes on City Centre as Spitfire grabbed that 100-0.

Things were much better for Shock on Gardens. Babybay did some good work with Pharah on what is perhaps her strongest map to take things early on but it wouldn’t last. A sloppy final fight from Shock gifted the round to their opponents and with it, both the map and the match.

Map 4 – Eichenwalde

Shock started on attack on the final map with babybay putting in some great work on Pharah and then on Widowmaker as they reached the castle with time to go.

Some switches went off for both team with Spitfire switching off to a Zarya/Reinhardt. The London side built ultimates quickly but overcommitted on a fight and gifted Shock an opening. Fissure on Reinhardt then went for the classic flanking Earthshatter to great effect to stop Shock’s final push in its tracks just short of the end of the map.

Spitfire’s first point pushes in this match were often defined by how quickly they built up their ultimates. NUS got Valkyrie far quicker than his Mercy counterpart as they grabbed Point A with ease.

London Spitfire were in a grove after that, taking streets with ease before some smart switches inside the castle made sure they were going to win this one. Shock just couldn’t deal with Rascal’s switch to Mei as Spitfire grabbed the clean sweep.

Player of the Match – Fissure

This was a tough one with the impressive birdring and rascal performing well too but Fissure was just titanic on Winston. His movement was near-perfect as he pushed and peeled whenever he was needed.

Full VOD

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