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Report: Florida Mayhem vs Dallas Fuel

The penultimate match of Overwatch League preseason saw Dallas Fuel come up against Florida Mayhem.

Map 1 – Junkertown

Dallas Fuel started with an unusual defensive setup on this match, running Lucio, Moira and Sombra. Perhaps it was a way to combat the potential pirate ship attack from Florida Mayhem but no such comp came.

But Fuel persisted with their uneven comp and failed to get a foothold on this map against the unstoppable Florida cart. TviQ did some good work on Widowmaker and the Orisa/Roadhog combination proved highly successful as they finished the point with over 90 seconds to spare.

Fuel persisted with this lobsided comp and it was just hugely ineffectual. TviQ and Manneten continued to dominate for Florida as they ticked down the point and secured the first map.


Map 2 – Horizon Lunar Colony

The subs came in for Dallas Fuel with xQc and Seagull both coming in. This lead to a shield-heavy Junkrat comp on defence which Mayhem attacked well. TviQ ran a Sombra and their successful Point A push came via the EMP.

Mayhem just couldn’t quite get things to work on Point B but didn’t have that decisive push to secure Point B.

Florida set up with their own shield-laden Junkrat comp but elected to start on the high ground to the attackers’ right-hand side. TviQ got some important early kills but Effect flanked to cause some panic which opened up space for Mickie and xQc to capitalise and take Point A.

Seagull ran a Genji onto Point B but one kill-free Dragonblade forced him to switch off. He opted for Junkrat and notched up a number of important kills as Fuel snowballed their opponents to take Point B and the map.


Map 3 – Ilios

Taimou finally came in for Dallas Fuel and showcased some fine Widowmaker play on Ilios Lighthouse. Mickie and xQc did some tremendous work together to create space, giving Taimou free reign to pick heads while controlling the point and taking the first map.

Well was next up and represented a pretty big change in this tie. TviQ moved onto Pharah and did incredible amounts of damage in the right areas to tie things up.

Ruins was next up and with Taimou on the team, the Widowmaker was expected. However, he opted for a Sombra and the comp worked well against Mayhem. Fuel timed their pushes well to ensure they had enough ults and control of the point to defend when the clock ticked away and racked up their second map in the contest.


Map 4 – Numbani

Florida Mayhem were first up on attack and elected to run a triple DPS, single healer comp. Zebbosai took to the skies on the first team fight before switch off to Zenyatta.

Dallas Fuel started with chipshajen on Ana for the first point and it proved incredibly successful. Some great work from xQc, effect and Mickie prevented Mayhem from getting a single tick on Point A as time ticked out.

Dallas only needed a single tick to secure victory on Map 4 and the match. Patience was the name of the game after an early rush approach failed as Fuel bided their time and utilised perfect target prioritization. The entire Fuel team perfectly dove onto Zebbosai’s Soldier to knock him off the high ground and force Valkyrie.

After that, Fuel got onto the point and cleaned things up to secure the map.

Player of the Match – Mickie

Mickie was incredible on D.Va during this match but he faced stiff competition from xQc, chipshaejen, effect, TviQ and Manneten for the match’s best player. However, some of the crucial plays from Mickie helped decide this match, particularly his fantastic dive to stop TviQ’s High Noon on Horizon Lunar Colony Point B.

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