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Report & Full VOD: Dallas Fuel v Seoul Dynasty

The big match of the day saw Dallas Fuel take on Seoul Dynasty


Dallas brought out something of a pirate ship from Dallas Fuel on the attack first. HarryHook was on the Bastion with Effect on Widowmaker and Seagull on Hanzo for that first push. A few early frags from Fuel were cancelled out by Dynasty but it wouldn’t last long. HarryHook took up some interesting off-angles for his Bastion and it worked incredibly well as they pushed through streets.

Ryujehong and Tobi were forced to switch off their support heroes for the final push and Fuel saw their chance. Some great work from Taimou’s Roadhog helped power Fuel through to capture the final point with over a minute to spare.

Dynasty were up next and went for a slightly different lineup. Munchkin ran a Reaper alongside Fleta’s Widowmaker and Fuel struggled on Point A. That changed once the cart got into the streets phase. Seoul was completely bottlenecked by their opponents thanks to Taimou’s Roadhog and Seagull’s Junkrat to completely close off space.

Time kept ticking on with Seoul needing extra time to take Point B. The ultimates were mounting up for Seoul Dynasty but Dallas regrouped and struck early to stop them even coming out to take the Map 1.

Temple of Anubis

Dallas Fuel attacked first and set up with the intention of a slow, careful push. That did not come as they just snowballed Seoul’s defence grabbing Point A very quickly. Effect was hitting shots on Widowmaker and pushed forward as Fuel snowballed to take point B with over six minutes on the clock.

Seoul hit back, capturing both points with ease but not quite as much time on the clock. Both teams secured another two points apiece with Seoul still having three minutes on the clock and Dallas with an extra 90 seconds.

Seoul used their time wiser than their opponents. Fleta moved onto Genji and almost single-handedly cut through the Dallas defence on Point A. Taimou switched onto Sombra to try and counter the Genji and while he built his EMPs quickly, he just couldn’t get any value from them as Seoul rolled through to make it 6-4.

Dallas stepped up with four and a half minutes left on the clock and two points away from a potential win. They went for the same tank-heavy lineup to try and secure the space on the point but it just didn’t work. The clock kept on ticking by and Fleta’s barrage of headshots on Widowmaker kept things comfortable for Seoul.

Eventually, Fuel’s persistence paid off as they grabbed Point A in overtime but with just thirty seconds on the clock and few ultimates to their name, the final push stalled as Seoul Dynasty secured a memorable win.


This was a map completely dominated by Seoul Dynasty. Dallas could not deal with Fleta’s Pharah on either Lighthouse or on Well as Dynasty won the map both in the air and on the ground with Tobi’s Lucio.

In both rounds, Seoul moved quickly to take the point and controlled both the map and their own ultimates to run the clock down and prevent a recapture. Fuel tried everything to deal with the constant barrage of rockets including Taimou’s Widowmaker and even HarryHook’s Zenyatta with Mickie on Roadhog.

Nothing seemed to come close to dealing with the Pharah in the sky or Miro and Zunba’s aggressive Winston/D.Va play on the ground as Dynasty took a 2-1 lead in the series.


Dallas were first up on attack and went for the biggest flank imaginable. They pushed straight past the point before back behind the Seoul defence on the high ground. It worked tremendously well as they captured point A and set up for streets phase in good shape.

Seoul reorganised and would’ve stalled in streets for far longer but for a crucial attack visor from Taimou’s Soldier 76. Fuel got through Point B and had just 90 seconds to move through the home straight, completing the map in the final straight.

Seoul pushed through with a similar speed thanks largely to Fleta’s Pharah. Dynasty progressed through streets with incredible speed and it took some serious hero switching from Fuel to save the map.

Winston/D.Va was replaced by Zarya/Reinhardt for Dallas and it had the desired effect. Dynasty’s push ground to a halt which led to their own counter switching. On their final push, Seoul could not be stopped and grabbed the final point in over time.

Seoul Dynasty just needed to not lose Point A in sixty seconds and they did just that to secure the map and the win in what was a hugely entertaining match.

MVP – Fleta. Fleta dominated this incredibly high-level match on Widowmaker, Genji and Pharah. Few other DPS players could do that.

Check out the full vod here

Watch Full Match | Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

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