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The Overwatch League Stage 1 Dream Team

Stage 1 is over and as the teams and fans are forced to wait for more Overwatch League, let’s take a look back at what has already happened. We’ve seen established players shine and virtual unknowns become stars. It’s difficult to whittle Stage 1’s best performers down to just six but we’ve attempted to do just that:


DPS – Birdring

Birdring has earned his place in this team. The London Spitfire’s Tracer extraordinaire ended an unfortunate run of lost finals with victory in the Stage 1 playoffs.

His partnership with Profit was the dream DPS duo which many fans of Korean Overwatch have wanted to see for years but it proved troublesome early on in the season. Birdring – and the London Spitfire – have grown as the stage has progressed and everything worked out for them in the Stage 1 playoffs.


DPS – Fleta

Perhaps the best flex DPS player in the world, Fleta has shown just how good he can be when playing on a good team. His stage has been the complete inverse of Birdring’s with an incredible start giving way to an inconsistent final few weeks.

Still, no other player in Overwatch League has shown top-level proficiency on so many different heroes as Fleta has in Stage 1.


Tank – MekO

MekO has been amongst the world’s best D.Va players for some time and his performances in Stage 1 of Overwatch League have certainly reflected that. Players like Envy, Coolmatt and NotE are all certainly in contention but the NYXL player has just been a step ahead.


Tank – Gesture

Gesture has surely been the best main tank player in the first stage of The Overwatch League. There were high hopes for the London Spitfire man ahead of the start of the league with many calling him the best Winston player on the planet.

Playing on the same team as Fissure would obviously promote competition but Gesture has played the vast majority of the season. The best tank play often goes unnoticed but Gesture’s initiation, support protection and ultimate usage have been top tier. Let’s hope it continues.


Support – JJoNak

It would be nearly impossible to put anyone other than JJoNak in the first support slot. The NYXL is a constant highlight montage with the sort of damage figures which most DPS players would be pleased with, let alone a support.

The entire NYXL support structure is built around JJoNak’s ability on Zenyatta and given how well he has performed it is easy to see why. He’s put in consistently excellent numbers in terms of damage and healing but his performance in the playoffs really helped his team. JJoNak is well on his way to being named the MVP for Season 1 of The Overwatch League.


Support – ArK

This was difficult but ArK gets in as the other support player to partner JjoNak. The primary role of a support player is to assist their team however possible and ArK’s Mercy has been the perfect foil for his healing partner.

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