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Overwatch League Skins Available For Purchase In Game

Twelve sets of 26 skins are now live in-game with fans finally able to purchase the full range of Overwatch League skins.

Two months after the announcement, the skins which will be worn in-game during the Overwatch League are finally available for purchase.

Skins cost 100 League Tokens each with players given 100 free tokens just for logging in.

If you want more than just the first one, tokens are available for purchase at the following rates:

100 Tokens = USD $4.99 (£4.39)

200 Tokens = USD $9.99 (£8.39)

400 Tokens = USD $19.99 (£16.79)

900 Tokens = USD $39.99 (£34.99)

2600 Tokens = USD $99.99 (£87.49)

Failing that, players could soon be able to earn further League Tokens by doing a variety of different things, Blizzard just doesn’t exactly what yet.

“We definitely want people to be rewarded for engaging with the Overwatch League,” said League Commissioner Nate Nanzer in an interview with the Daily Mail. “We’ve got a lot of cool ideas, the most obvious of which is earning tokens and team skins.

“More will come to light pretty quickly after the league launches, but what’s available out of the gate isn’t necessarily what the system will be in three months or six months time.

“This is definitely one of those areas where we’d love to hear feedback from the fans.”

So, Blizzard isn’t really sure how they are going to allow players to earn League Tokens just yet. Presumably, things like watching the matches live on Twitch will play a role.

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