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Seoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Gladiators




The final match in the opening week of The Overwatch League saw Seoul Dynasty come up against the LA Gladiators. Junkertown was up first with Seoul starting with an Orisa, Junkrat and Ryujehong on Mei.

Los Angeles Gladiators did well to slow down their opponents’ progress but neither side could find that all-important team fight win to get set up. Seoul pushed through A & B and some smart switches allowed them to complete the map with just 13 seconds to spare.

Gladiators started well on attack. Some smart positioning led to an incredibly quick opening push. They took Point A with ease and Seoul didn’t really land any kills until the approach to Point B. Gladiators approached the home straight with four and a half minutes but saw a grand stall from Seoul. Gladiators had to back out to regain an ultimate advantage but completed the map with six extra seconds on the clock.

Seoul got just a little past Point B on their opening push in overtime and stopped the LA Gladiators’ attack before it could even start. Fleta picked up two headshots and Wekeed grabbed a third kill against Shaz in just over a minute before just diving with an advantage to win.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Bunny and Surefour came in for Seoul and Gladiators respectively as Seoul took a 2-0 lead on Horizon Lunar Colony with absolute ease. Bunny and Fleta grabbed a lot of picks between them as the Korean side took both points with over 6 minutes remaining.

Gladiators attacked with the same four-tank setup we saw from Dallas Fuel this week as they grabbed Point A with ease but were forced to wait until overtime to grab Point B.

Seoul had a long time to capture to point but came up against a dogged Gladiators defence. Ryujheong and Fleta were on Moira and Sombra respectively and found very little success against their opponents. They had a good chance of full holding but some wonderful individual work from Zunba on D.Va grabbed the point with two minutes to spare.


If Horizon Lunar Colony was a tight affair between the two sides then that was nothing compared to Ilios. The scorelines will make for even reading but this map was won amongst the DPS duos.

First on Ruins with Widowmaker and then on Lighhouse with Pharah, Fleta just dominated Surefour with a string of impressive and demoralising kills as Dynasty secured the match with a 2-0 map win.


We saw a first in The Overwatch League on this first point: two Doomfists in the same match. Hydration is known for his Doomfist play but Seoul started with Ryujehong on the hero to try and cause as much of a distraction as possible. It worked tremendously well as they the rest of the Dynasty players used the space to take Point A with ease.

They switched things up quite quickly and weathered the Gladiators’ defence to complete the map with almost two minutes to spare.

Seoul set up with a slightly different defence on this map. Ryujehong on Ana but no Torbjorn from Tobi from Seoul as they held their opponents to just 74.5% to win the map and, indeed, the match.

MVP – Fleta. What an unbelievable player this guy is. Fleta won this match almost singlehandedly with some incredible kills on Widowmaker, Pharah, Genji and even Reaper at times. Credit must be given to Wekeed, Tobi and Zunba but Fleta was a cut above.




Date Time League Season
13th January 2018 18:00 Pacific Division 2018


Blizzard Arena, Los Angeles
The Burbank Studios, 3000 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523, USA


TeamMap 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Maps Won


# Player Position
Fleta DPS
0Wekeed 8DPS
8Bunny 0DPS


# Player Position
1Asher 4DPS
4Surefour 1DPS