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Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators




It was a battle between two of the Overwatch League’s unknown quantities on Junkertown. Nobody can really decide just how good these two sides are as Philadelphia Fusion started their attack run against Los Angeles Gladiators.

Neither side opted for the pirate ship but Fusion found far more success with their offensive dive. They surpassed Point A with ease and overcame a solid defence on streets to push through B. Things stalled on the home stretch as Gladiators stalled well to prevent the map from being completed.

Philadelphia showed some flexibility on defence with Fragi moving on Orisa and both Shadowburn and Carpe moving off their preferred DPS heroes. It worked well as they stalled Point A for a solid three minutes before Gladiators forced the cap.

That changed when things got to the streets phase and Fusion started to play the high ground. They stalled their opponents yet again but this time, Gladiators ran out of time.

Temple of Anubis

It took Philadelphia Fusion a little over 90 seconds to take Point A on Anubis before they turned their sights to B. Patience paid off for Fusion as they just waited for their opponents to burn through their support ultimates before unleashing Shadowburn’s Dragonblade to cap with two minutes spare.

Gladiators hit back on their own attack run. They grabbed Point A but were forced into overtime before capping B. Fusion only needed a single tick to take a 2-0 lead in the series which they did comfortably.


There may have been a Pharah battle in the sky but Ilios was won on the ground. Asher’s Tracer ran wild for LA Gladiators as they won Well with ease.

That only continued on Lighthouse as they took a 99-0 advantage. Fusion hit back thanks to Neptuno’s Transcendence which really turned the map around. Shadowburn started hitting his rockets as Fusion made it 1-1.

Philadelphia only had to win on Ruins to secure the match but just couldn’t finish it off. Biggoose put in a fine performance on Lucio as LA made it 2-1.


Philadelphia Fusion needed to be patient on their attack round. They eventually grabbed Point A and looked like an unstoppable force once they got going. Poko pulled another typical multikill D.Va bombs but once they had got past Point B, Gladiators setup a strong defence. Hydration went onto Doomfist and Fusion just could not respond as they failed to complete the map.

Gladiators attacked well. The dual damage of Hydration’s Pharah and Surefour’s Soldier 76 proved too much for Philly to deal with as they Grabbed Point A. Gladiators could not be stopped as Hydration dominated first on Pharah and then on Genji. They went past Point B and the mark set by their opponents to take this match to a fifth map.

Lijiang Tower

Los Angeles Gladiators made a big gamble as they went into this fifth match, subbing out Bischu for Asher and running a triple-DPS on Garden. They stormed into the lead but Fusion, and specifically Carpe’s Widowmaker, hit back. Gladiators then flexed again onto a 2-2-2 as they took the point back and made it 1-0.

Both sides started with the Reinhardt/Zarya combination on Control Centre and Philadelphia Fusion really came out on top. It was an incredible back and forth point on control centre with Philly determined not to throw away their massive advantage and lose this match.

But that is exactly what happened as Surefour charged up an incredible three Graviton Surges with Zarya including one which resolved the final team fight. An incredible win for LA Gladiators considering.

MVP – Carpe. His team may have lost but they probably would’ve done so a lot sooner but for Carpe. This guy just got so many kills at crucial times but his team could not take advantage. Credit must also be given to Surefour and Hydration.




Date Time League Season
18th January 2018 21:00 Stage 1 2018


Blizzard Arena, Los Angeles
The Burbank Studios, 3000 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523, USA


TeamMap 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5Maps Won


# Player Position


# Player Position
4Surefour 99DPS
99Hydration 4DPS